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ZnSe Focus Lens PVD Laser Lens Dia.12/15/18/19.05/20 FL38.1/50.8/63.5/76.2/101.6/127mm for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

ZnSe Focus Lens PVD Laser Lens Dia.12/15/18/19.05/20 FL38.1/50.8/63.5/76.2/101.6/127mm for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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Focal Length


Usage: CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Structure: Meniscus

Shape: Meniscus

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: CNFL02

Material: China PVD ZnSe

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Kindlelaser

KINDLELASER China CO2 ZnSe Focus Lens Dia.12/15/18/19.05/20 mm FL38.1/50.8/63.5/101.6/127mm for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


Material: China PVD ZnSe.

High Efficiency: High temperature Resistance Smaller Focusing Spot Size.

Durable: Double- sided AR coating High transm- ittance 99.5%.

Long Life Time: Not easy to crack Great Scratch Resistance.


    Q1:PVD is a focusing lens, and CVD is also a focusing lens. Why are the prices so different?

    A1:PVD materials are comparable to CVD materials, and there is no difference in use. Expect your machine to have a large power (above 200W). Otherwise, from the perspective of cost performance, PVD focusing lenses will be much better than CVD focusing lenses. Almost all features and functions reach a high degree of agreement.

    Q2: When will you ship the goods, and how long will it take to ship if I buy a lot of them at once?

    A2: We will prepare all product inventory in advance and store it in the warehouse. Even very large quantities of goods will be processed for you within 48 to 72 hours.

    Q3: What should I do if the product I received is damaged? What should I do if my product is lost?

    A3: First of all, if you really have this kind of problem, I apologize to you, and I will explain the situation according to the situation below.

    If your package is damaged: Our warehouse has complete packaging. During transportation, we will try our best to avoid damage and loss caused by transportation. Of course, if you provide photos of damaged goods, we are willing to give you the full amount. To refund or re-send the goods for you, please contact us and attach pictures within three days after confirming receipt.

    If your package is lost: When you observe that your package logistics information has not been updated for a long time, please inform us in time. We will also monitor the logistics of your package in real time. After confirming that the package is lost, please contact us within 24 hours. Will be reissued or refunded according to your needs.

    Q4: Can I get more discounts?

    A4: Please pay attention to the activities of our store and the coupons that can be received in time, and all our products have additional discounts for store fans. If we cooperate for a long time, we will notify you in advance when we hold regular activities and give you additional discounts.


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