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Ortur Powerful Laser Engraver Cutter Wood Acrylic Metal DIY Woodworking CNC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine With Rotary Roller

Ortur Powerful Laser Engraver Cutter Wood Acrylic Metal DIY Woodworking CNC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine With Rotary Roller

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Ortur Laser Master 2S2

Is Smart Device: NO

Certification: CE

Certification: ce

Brand Name: Ortur

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OLM2 S2 Features
Model: Ortur Laser Master 2 S2
Material: aluminum profile + acrylic
Optical Power: 10w
Electric Power:40w
Wavelength: 445 ± 5nm
Engraving Area: 390*400mm
Engraving Speed: 0-5000 mm/min
Engraving thickness: one-time cutting 20mm wood + 30mm acrylic
Engraving Speed: 0-5000 mm/min
Engraving materials:glass, bamboo, wood, acrylic, metal, cloth, leather, stone, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, etc.
Cutting Material:Cardboard, non-woven fabric, leather, plywood, pine board, acrylic, some plastic boards, etc.
Motherboard:32-bit MCU motherboard
Firmware Type: Ortur Laser Firmware 1.8
Supported Operating Systems:
① LaserGRBL (freeware) supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
② LightBurn (paid software, supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Support modePWM
Continuous working time: 72h
Service life: ≧15000 hours
Installation time: 10-20 minutes
After-sales service: one year warranty + lifetime service
Security Function:
Voltage Safety Control Protection:If abnormal voltage fluctuation is found, the system will shut down immediately to avoid permanent damage to the engraving machine
Active Position Protection:
There is a G-sensor on the motherboard, if the machine detects unauthorized movement, the laser beam will stop.
Laser Beam Safety Guard:
If your computer system halted or USB cable disconnected, led to that the laser engraver stops moving, the laser beam will stop, to prevent fire.
Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation:
If laser engraver is under control, but users forget to operate and keep the laser beam working, extra safety will cut off in case the motor stopped moving, to prevent fire.


1. LU2-4-LF is good at engraving and better at cutting, and could support a higher speed. It has the air assist, but you need to buy a Air Compressor to support the air assist.

2. LU2-4-SF is good at cutting and better at engraving harder materials (such as stainless steel and other hard materials), and could support a higher speed.)

3. LU2-2 is good at engraving high-precision pattern, but speed couldn't be set too high.

4. It is not that the smaller the light spot, the better the effect. When engraving photos, you may need to increase the laser spot to get a better picture effect.

5. The competitors may falsely promote the power of similar laser modules as 40W or even 60W, please take care.


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