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40W/80W Laser Module With Air Assist 450nm Blue Laser Head TTL Module For CNC Laser Cutting Machine DIY Laser Engraver Tools

40W/80W Laser Module With Air Assist 450nm Blue Laser Head TTL Module For CNC Laser Cutting Machine DIY Laser Engraver Tools

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Wavelength: 450nm

Standard: IEC 60825-1:2014

Output Power: 5.5W/10W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: LM-40W-BP/LM-80W-BP

Light Path: Focused Beam

Focal lebgth: 40mm

Feature: Air assist

Certification: CE

Brand Name: LUNYEE

  • Effect output power: 80W/40W
  • Actual power:10W~11W/5.5W-6.5W
  • Material: aluminum alloy + plastic
  • Light color: blue
  • Wavelength: 450nm
  • Spot form: Punctiform, fixed focus
  • Input voltage: 12V 3.2A / 24V 1.7A
  • Input port: XH2.54-3P socket
  • Interface parameters: support TTL signal control power
  • Laser module net weight: 300g

  • 1. With Air-assist: Blowing through the air nozzle, which improves cutting performance and reduces burn marks.
  • 2. Super fast engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, ultra-fast engravingon stainless steel-30mm/s.
  • 3. Remarkable cutting ability: Cutting through 8-10mm thickness plywood by one pass at speed of 1.5mm/s.
  • 4. Fixed focus laser head: suitable for CNC/Laser engraving machine, easy to install.
  • 5. Original diode: Original diode, high quality, 20,000 hours life time!
  • 6. Strong compatibility: Suitable for various types of laser cutting machines and engraving machines.
  [Applicable Materials]
  • Ceramics, Bone, MDF, Coated glass, Black acrylic, Plywood, Brushed stainless steel, Stone, Bamboo, Leather, Rubber, Alumina, Solid wood, etc.
  • Unable to engrave: blue/purple/white/transparent material, aluminum without oxide layer.

     Way1: With The Air Asssit Nozzle    
  • The laser head comes with a specially designed air assist nozzle. When cutting with this laser head, the air assit system will blow air through the air nozzle. That will bring you excellent cutting experience and greatly reduce burned marks. To make full use of the air assist, please prepare an assist pump and air tubing by yourself.
  • Recommended Air Tubing inner diameter:5mm inner diameter, 8mm outer diameter
  • Recommended air pump pressure: 150kPa
    Way 2: With The Laser Protective Cover  
  • When engraving with this laser head, please use this protective cover that can effectively filter blue light. You can peform engraving without wearing laser goggles for convenience.


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